We started LawnCareBusinessGuide.com to provide both aspiring and experienced lawn care professionals with the information they need to succeed in the lawn care and landscaping industry. We work hard to be trusted as the internet's best source for these materials. We guarantee that each product we sell is of the highest quality and has been painstakingly prepared in an easy to understand format.

Our primary expert contributor is Jeff Marshall. Jeff has been in the lawn care business for over 30 years. During that time he has not only run his own successful landscape business, but he has also taught many of his employees how to start their own lawn care business.

These employees often said to Jeff "You're really good at teaching this stuff and you know exactly what it takes to be successful. You should write your own lawn care business book."

Well, he finally has and now you too can learn from a 30 year pro. Jeff promises that no important information will be left out of his guide.

As Jeff says, I was taught by the best and they showed me all the tricks of the trade. It is my duty to pass this information on to the next generation of landscapers. Anyone who starts a lawn care business with out the proper knowledge is doomed to be a failure. I want to provide you with the necessary knowledge for success!

Our guide comes in PDF format and is downloadable to your computer, where you can either print the guide out or read it directly on your computer screen.

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